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*taps microphone and peers into darkness* Is there anyone still there?

Well, I've been meaning to dust this place off since New Year, and last weeks expressed interest was the kick up the arse I needed.

So I now declare this community Open [again] for business.

On the outside the community is exactly as it was before. Challenges go up on Sunday. You have until next Sunday* to complete something for the challenge, then a new set of lyrics go up. While the subsequent challenge is still in progress, judges look over the entries and announce winners [one fic, one icon] on Thursday, which gives the winners Friday, Saturday and Sunday to pick and submit their lyrics so that a new challenge can go up on Sunday night.

On the inside, hopefully we will be working smoothly and more reliably. Instead of a mod and a co-mod, we now have three people equally sharing duties. My partners will introduce themselves next week, when the slight change will arise.

Thats all for now, this weeks lyrics will follow in a seperate post. So erm welcome back XD

*Although anything posted after 12pm Monday [GMT] will not be eligble to win the competition, you are more than welcome to share you work here anyway.
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