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Ficlet entry for Crüxshadows - Fortress (Eyes To Heaven): Safe, Graig/Adam, R

Fandom: None. Original characters.
Pairing: Graig/The Boy (Adam)
Rating: R for violence.
Warnings: Angst, death.
Summary: Graig thinks Adam's protecting him and doesn't know whether to be angry or grateful.
Note: Graig's a werewolf. (Don't laugh!) Not the conventional kind, whatever that actually is. Which basically means that I've made the rules for him up.


["Fortress (Eyes to Heaven)" by The Crüxshadows]

- but though your limbs feel torn and twisted
and your memories turn cold
take heart, for I am with you still
and will catch you should you fall

+ + +


Graig lifted his head, a string of bloody saliva extending, breaking on torn lips. Shivered, looking through the blur of tears at the body beneath him. "I'm sorry," he whispered, for what felt like the thousandth time. Couldn't have been, because he didn't possess the strength to say so many words. "Forgive me."

Get out of here. Go. Run, run fast and far and just go.

Too late to ask for forgiveness now, Graig knew. Adam stared at him, love reflected in eyes the deep, rich colour of wet grass. Not forgiveness, no, but understanding. He didn't say a word, just lay there, waiting. "I have to leave," Graig said softly, though he didn't move away. He stroked damp hair and kissed the boy's eyes closed, kissed soft, cool lips until he could taste nothing but the rust of drying blood and his own guilt.

You can run. Go. Go somewhere they'll never find you. Maybe some of the pack are still out there. Go, find them, and get out of this place.

Graig knew there was no pack left to take with him. He knew their cries, had heard them all and had heard each and every one shot down. The town would be celebrating their victory already, and the blood of wolves, he knew, would be flowing as thick and as steady as the wine and ale. But not his. Not his, because he craved flesh over freedom. One last night in his lover's arms, one last kiss, one last cry swallowed down whole because it was his, nobody else's. But he had heard them howl, all at once, a cacophony of voices calling for a leader who couldn't help them, couldn't answer because he was nothing without them.

+ + +

"You knew this would happen!" Graig accused, throwing the window open violently.

Adam scuttled back across the bedclothes, trying to hide behind air because Graig was shaking, angry, and the noise was unbearable. Wolf after wolf calling, shouts and shots and yelps and Graig, listening to it all, muscles rippling tightly across his back as he fought the change.

"They're dying. All of them." A sudden, harsh yip echoed up, and Graig turned away from the window. "Even the young. You knew, didn't you? Is that why you asked me to stay?"

Adam shook his head, eyes wild and wet. "No... No, Graig, I love you. Please. Don't go out there, they'll kill you, too. Don't, stay here. Till dawn, please."

"My family's dying." Graig leapt onto the bed, landed on all fours over Adam, stared down into frightened eyes. "You knew the town would strike back this swiftly, you knew they would do this. How could you not?"

"I didn't, love, I swear. I haven't seen anyone since this morning, Graig, I didn't know."

"You begged me to stay. To protect me? Will they be on their way here to be sure there's no wolf left here? Is that why you still insist I don't leave? I smell the blood on them, I know they want more." Graig sniffed at Adam's throat, heard the hard swallow and snarled. "I gave you something so rare, and this is what you do? Lie to me?" Anger, anguish; both were subtle, powerfully blinding Graig to all but the dying cries of his pack.

When Adam shook his head, Graig snapped his neck. Sat back sharply at the sound and just stared. Stared at his hand still on his lover's throat.

+ + +

Are you angry still?

"It hurts," Graig said, touching the furrows in his lips that sharp, nervous teeth had caused. His fingertips came away wet with blood. "Everything hurts."

I'll be with you. Always. Now, go, please. I don't want you to die.

Nodding, Graig kissed the boy's lips one last time. Then he fled.

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