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asongofsixpence's Journal

Lyrically Challenging
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Welcome to asongofsixpence a Lyrics Challenge Community.

Every Sunday a pair of lyrics will be posted.

The challenge is to either a] Write a piece of Fiction based around these lyrics or b] Create an icon featuring the lyrics.

The rules are as follows -
#1 These challenges are not fandom specific. Whatever fandom floats your boat, if its based on either of the challenge songs then its valid.

This means that RPS will be posted here. Every fandom will be stated, so if you have a problem with it don't click the link. I have no time for idiots who intentionally read something that they know will offend them, save yourself and us the hassle, move on please

#2 Each post needs to carry these labels. Story title, Fandom, Rating, Pairing type, Het, Gen, Slash and Warnings when relevant relevant warnings include abuse, self harm, chan. If you feel a warning is going to give too much away for your story, then please state this. A disclaimer is covered in the userinfo and is not needed.

#3 Any fic longer than 100 words, or rating higher than PG-13 should be placed behind an LJ-cut.

#4 It does not matter how you incorperate [or even if you do] the lyrics. Your task is to write BASED upon the lyrics. Use them however you want, a starting point, a running theme, stick to them or roam free. As long as their influences is apparent, then it doesn't matter. Thinking outside the box is encouraged.

#5 There is no time limit/word limit on the fic's. Drabble or novel, 15 minutes or 7 days worth of work it doesn't matter.

#6 You can enter upto three fics, and four icons. Whilst I will not stop you posting more than this, only the first three fics/four icons, will be counted.

#7 Fics will be judged, and the winner of each catergory will be allowed to chose one of the songs for the next challenge.

All the characters featured here [unless otherwise stated] are not the property of the author. They are not implying that these events took place, and mean no harm on the names/characters they used

Moderated by femalephenom and ketene and x__ever
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